05 February 2023 08:00 h Es Trajo d’en Reyné

"L'art" (fishing trawl) was a fishing technique used by the people of Lloret to make a living. "L'art", or net, was cast from the beach and, when it was collected, a good handful of fish was caught.

In order not to lose this way of life and to pay tribute to these people of the sea, on the first Sunday of December and the first Sunday of February (weather and sea permitting), there is a gathering at the exit of the solo at es Trajo de Reyné (the place where the art was cast in Reyné) to pull the net with everyone who wants to participate. Once collected, all the fish will be eaten for breakfast.

Weather permitting, there will be two hauls, one at 8.00 am and the other at 11.00 am.

Activity organised by: the Xino Xano association.