02 February 2023 08:00 h 02 February 2023 20:00 h El Puntet

The project is a variant of the well-known Hackatons that originated on university campuses in the USA. Initially focused on IT issues (Hacker) and in an intensive format (Marathon). With the excuse of this context, which has given very good results, this will be the 6th edition to be held in Lloret, in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation to be implemented in commercial or catering establishments. In our case, it is aimed at secondary school students from Lloret's secondary schools.

The participating establishments must present to the students, through a short presentation, the proposal that they will have to work on in 12 hours under the supervision of a trainer specialised in this subject, who will form working groups (4 students per group approx.). We must bear in mind that the proposals are not only presented with the aim of making money, but to improve any aspect of the business: attracting clients, the offer, promotion, technological innovation, etc. All of these actions will benefit the business.



1. With this activity we want to place the young people in a real playing field and another transfer to reality, under the supervision of a professional who will supervise all the answers.

2. Through creativity and innovation workshops, the young people are trained at the same time as they are working, thus acquiring knowledge in an intensive way through live experience.

3. For the establishments, the main aim is to receive one or more proposals to the challenge posed to improve their establishment and at the same time contact with the young people and get to know their preferences first hand.