UAP 23

24 February 2023 20:00 h Teatre de Lloret

The UAP! has been working for 15 years to disseminate the values of peace through music and theatre in secondary schools in the counties of Girona. Throughout this time, the educational project has produced shows, always performed by secondary school students, about the Holocaust, refugees, bullying and the climate crisis. And in this year's edition, entitled Power, many of the ideas put forward in the last performances are concentrated in a single play. Thus, this year's show presents four independent but related stories, dealing with different perspectives on the idea of power, from the domination of religious, military or political power, to the power of young people to change the established order of the world.

The schools participating in the project are:

Caldes de Malavella Secondary School

Font del Ferro Secondary School

Ramon Coll i Rodés Secondary School

Rocagrossa Secondary School

S'Agulla Secondary School

Sant Elm Secondary School

Sant Quirze Secondary School

Serrallarga Secondary School

Teresa Pàmies Secondary School

Activity organised by: Lloret Town Council's Department of Education as part of the Catalan Capital of Culture events.

Price: €8 (Tickets will be available soon).